I became a believer in April 2016 and remain so to this day.  After a decade of dieting, daily exercise, running 10Ks, and half-marathons, none of my efforts were ever rewarded.  I had trouble losing weight and I was losing sleep and experiencing constant hot flashes, not to mention that my sex life was suffering as well.

 Mainstream medical doctors informed me it was part of the ‘getting older cycle’, but not to worry.  Unfortunately, at age 61, I was unhappy and saddened that I wasn’t being heard.  Something just wasn’t right in that I could expel all this effort, time, and energy and the results were non-existent.

 Along came Renew Health & Wellness!  After seeing their television testimonials, I contacted them to discuss my situation.   Their dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced staff offered the solution of enrolling in their quick-start program.  That did the trick!  After six weeks of following their program, I experienced a dramatic 25 lbs. loss in weight, which gave a huge boost to my ego.  It just wasn’t the overall weight loss, it was the inches as well that caused a dramatic change to my wardrobe and I dropped from a size 8 to a size 0-2.  Together, we then marched towards the path of hormone replacement, which not only kept the weight loss down but increased my libido which was also a huge boost to my ego as well.

Fast-forward four years later and I am still a client with Renew.  I am maintaining the weight loss, the hot flashes went away as soon as the hormone therapy began, I have more energy for my daily exercise and training for races, and my closet is filled with fun-loving apparel that makes me look and feel twenty years younger.  My friends see the difference and I sing the praises of contacting Renew to them as well.  Lastly, my husband is a true believer that women of my age do not need to suffer and be saddened by the ‘cycle of getting older.

For those of you who have any one of the unfortunate experiences I faced four years ago, please do not wait a moment longer and contact Renew for they will listen to you and work with you diligently to provide you with individual solutions needed to obtain your goals.  Their program is for both women and men, too, who can benefit from Renew’s caring staff that collectively provides the expertise and knowledge to provide the tools to maintain long-term results for both weight loss and good health.

I am very grateful to everyone at Renew Health & Wellness for giving me the opportunity to reset the clock so that my future endeavors can be fulfilled now that my body and mind have been renewed.

*Results May Vary and not guaranteed
Laurie B.

I am 3 weeks into my new way of healthy living. It is a little rough but I am determined not to give up. All the staff have been knowledgeable, professional, and supportive. If you are really ready for the first day of the rest of your life you should reach out and ask for help. I’ve lost 11lbs so far

Ina Strickland

I absolutely love to come to the health facility! Not only do I feel better with the hormone treatments but the level of respect and curtious treatment from the employees is outstanding!

Theresa Smith

This group of professionals are a life saver for me. They have completely changed my quality of life and provided an affordable solution. I’m so thankful for them! ❤️

Heather & Billy Simon

Renew health has literally changed my life 🙂 today marks one year that I’ve been with Renew Health. When I walked in a year ago, I was battling severe depression and anxiety, that almost took my life. Within a month of starting hormone therapy with Renew Health and Wellness, I was able to get out and explore with my kids, I was able to go hiking (which I hadn’t been able to do in several years). Western medicine Doctors told me all my hormone levels were good, and when I had them tested with Renew Health, they were still normal. However, they educated me that not everyone functions best off of “Normal” results, I was one of those! Fast forward one year, my depression has almost subsided completely, my anxiety rarely affects my life anymore, and my quality of life is night and day compared to a year ago. I strongly recommend if you’re someone who battles with mental health conditions, like depression and anxiety, low libido, little to no energy, etc. to check out what Renew Health and Wellness can do for you! Are finances a problem? They do payment plans (which is what I do) and make every effort to make treatment as financially affordable as possible. Please don’t let finances hold you back!!!

Angel Silver

I just finished the weight loss program…Unbelievable!! This program is life-changing, it totally changed the way I view food and how I eat. I do a lot of bored eating, this diet taught me to really pay attention to moments when I was about to eat something because I thought I was hungry, when in fact I was just bored. I felt very empowered on this diet, I was finally taking control of my unhealthy eating habits, and making healthy choices. I feel amazing! I am fitting into clothes I haven’t worn for 7 years! I absolutely love the staff, they are so friendly, very supportive, knowledgeable, and professional. I would recommend this weight-loss program to anyone, it is amazing!


My decision to begin the Renew program was simply to stop hot flashes, exhaustion, and mood swings.
I researched many facilities, however, the staff at Renew were warm, thoughtful, and very detailed. I felt comfortable explaining my symptoms, and relieved that they were prepared to make sure I received the most effective treatments available.
I have been a Renew patient for approximately three years. My family has observed the well needed transformation. I was irritable and usually complaining. My husband enjoys the increased level of energy I have now thanks to Renew!
If you are considering making a change to improve your overall wellness, the Renew program is an
excellent choice.


Erika C.

Erika C.Renew Patient

I became a believer in April 2016 and remain so to this day.  After a decade of dieting, daily exercise, running 10Ks and half-marathons, none of my efforts were ever rewarded.  I had trouble losing weight and I was losing sleep and experiencing constant hot flashes, not to mention that my sex life was suffering as well.
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Laurie B.

“I didn’t have much hope of feeling like a regular person. For the past 31 years, I was used to being looked at as different because of the red pigmentation on my nose. Using Viora’s pigmentation treatments, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to treat and reduce the size of the mark. After only one session, it already started to disappear. Today I’m a new person!”


“When my aesthetician offered acne clearance treatments that wouldn’t require a loan to fix, I was a bit hesitant. I was really surprised though; the treatment results were astounding and the fact that I could afford to improve my lifestyle was priceless.”