Renew health has literally changed my life 🙂 today marks one year that I’ve been with Renew Health. When I walked in a year ago, I was battling severe depression and anxiety, that almost took my life. Within a month of starting hormone therapy with Renew Health and Wellness, I was able to get out and explore with my kids, I was able to go hiking (which I hadn’t been able to do in several years). Western medicine Doctors told me all my hormone levels were good, and when I had them tested with Renew Health, they were still normal. However, they educated me that not everyone functions best off of “Normal” results, I was one of those! Fast forward one year, my depression has almost subsided completely, my anxiety rarely affects my life anymore, and my quality of life is night and day compared to a year ago. I strongly recommend if you’re someone who battles with mental health conditions, like depression and anxiety, low libido, little to no energy, etc. to check out what Renew Health and Wellness can do for you! Are finances a problem? They do payment plans (which is what I do) and make every effort to make treatment as financially affordable as possible. Please don’t let finances hold you back!!!