When stubborn pockets of fat won’t disappear, no matter how strict of a diet and exercise regime a person is following, many people turn to body contouring. This is a variety of treatments designed to sculpt the body into a slimmer, more toned physique, and the results can be both striking yet natural-looking. Here at Renew Health & Wellness, with offices in Fredericksburg VA, Greenville, SC, and Glen Allen, VA, we’re proud to offer a number of body sculpting treatments that can leave you looking slimmer in just a few simple sessions.


What Is Body Contouring?

This is a treatment that reshapes or changes the appearance of your body to create a more desirable look. This can include everything from reducing stubborn pockets of fat, tightening loose skin, and even lifting and toning areas such as your buttocks or breasts. This kind of treatment is particularly effective on areas of fat that cannot be “exercised away”, such as on the lower stomach and the arms. It can help give you the confidence to show off your beautiful figure with ease.


Why Am I Struggling With Stubborn Fat?

Many people struggle with trying to lose stubborn fat, especially as they get older. There are a few reasons why this may be the case. As people age, their metabolism slows down and they burn fewer calories. They also may have less muscle mass and more fat mass, which makes it harder to lose weight. Hormonal changes are another factor that makes weight loss difficult. But even in younger people, including those with a very fast metabolism, stubborn fat can still be almost impossible to eliminate.


A tricky element is that “spot reduction” – training a very particular part of your body so that you lose fat in that area – has been proven to not work. Our bodies are very reluctant to get rid of pockets of fat because they traditionally used those reserves for backup energy if we were ever hungry or cold in the wild. To destroy these areas of fat, you may need to target them head-on with one of the solutions offered here at Renew Health & Wellness.


What Are the Different Methods of Body Sculpting Available?


PHYSIQ is the latest body sculpting treatment from Italian laser manufacturer, DEKA, offered at our Richmond location. This advanced body treatment system uses cutting-edge technology to deliver heat and energy directly to targeted areas, while also stimulating muscles. PHYSIQ is the first body system that uses STEP technology. (Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse) that delivers heat to tissue and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to stimulate the muscle to target pockets of fat that regular diet and exercise have a difficult time addressing.

During treatment, our team member will place up to four applicators spaced along the treatment area and secure them with a band. The length of treatment will depend on the area being treated but on average, treatments are thirty minutes. PHYSIQ has four applicators which may be used in sets of two on multiple areas in one single session. A maximum of three areas may be treated in one day. The recommendation is 5 sessions with each session spaced one week apart.



Viora, offered at our Greenville location, is a non-invasive treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to heat the deep layers of skin and fat, causing heating and cell death in the treated areas. This helps to break down fat cells and tighten the skin, and in the weeks after treatment, these dead cells leave the body via excretion. The result is less fat and smoother and tighter skin contours. It can be used on multiple areas of the body, including the abdomen, thighs, and arms.


Acoustic Wave Therapy & Cellupulse

Acoustic wave therapy, also referred to as low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS), is a non-invasive, painless treatment that uses sound waves to promote healing in the body. The sound waves used in acoustic wave therapy are of a low frequency and intensity, and are thought to work by stimulating the release of growth factors and other healing substances in the body, as well as breaking up scar tissue and loosening knots or trigger points in muscles. This can help to improve blood flow and reduce inflammation.

When used in Cellupulse, offered at all our locations, this treatment breaks up fat cells and improves circulation, which can lead to a reduction in the size of fat cells and soften the skin. Because of this collagen production, it may be able to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks by promoting new skin cell growth, plus tightening the skin. Cellupulse can be used to treat small areas of fat, such as the chin or thighs, or larger areas, such as the abdomen or hips.


How Do I Know Which Treatment Will Be Right for Me?

The first step of your body contouring journey will be to come in for a consultation at your local Renew Health & Wellness office. You can discuss your cosmetic goals and expectations from treatment, and we will look at your medical history to evaluate your candidacy in terms of health. We will decide which treatment will work best for you – or, if any treatment will work, we will recommend the treatment offered at that office. A treatment plan will be created based on your specific needs.


How Long Will the Results of Treatment Last?

Incredibly, fat reduction can be permanent. This is because our bodies stop producing new fat cells after adolescence, meaning once fat cells are destroyed (as they would be during treatment) the body can’t replace them with new ones. The issue is that not every cell will be destroyed during treatment. Some will only shrink down and will have the potential to expand if the client were to put on weight in the future. For this reason, we advise our patients to maintain a consistent weight after treatment.


How Can I Maintain a Healthy Weight?

There are a few things you can do to maintain a healthy weight after your treatment. First, you can try to increase your activity level. This will help to boost your metabolism and help you burn more calories. Half an hour of exercise is all you need, and this can be incidental – think walking to the shops and back. Second, you can eat a balanced, healthy diet, enjoying lots of fruit, vegetables, grains, and lean proteins like chicken, fish, and tofu.


Who Is a Good Candidate for These Treatments?

There are several factors that can make someone a good candidate for body contouring, including having excess skin and fat in specific areas, as well as being generally healthy and being able to maintain a stable weight. We do not recommend one specific gender, skin tone, or age (as long as you’re over 21). Factors that may make someone an unsuitable candidate include the presence of any underlying medical conditions, as well as how their skin responds to previous cosmetic procedures or treatments.


Schedule Your Consultation Today

Whether you are looking to target stubborn areas that traditional diet and exercise have had trouble addressing, or simply want to achieve your ideal body shape faster and more efficiently, PHYSIQ, Viora, or Cellupulse could be the solutions for you. In just a few easy sessions you can enjoy a slimmer, more toned body, and you won’t have to worry about downtime afterward. So why wait?