Viveve for Women's Intimate Health

A Simple Treatment for Vaginal Laxity that Can Impact Overall Well-being

Just like skin, vaginal tissue relies on collagen for its support. With the normal aging process or physical stresses from childbearing, the tissue can become stretched and weakened. The result is a feeling of vaginal looseness called laxity, the side effects of which can be diminished physical sensation during intercourse and urinary incontinence.

Millions of women suffer from vaginal laxity. In fact, 88% of doctors surveyed said vaginal laxity is the number 1 physical change occurring post vaginal delivery. Vaginal laxity often goes unreported by their patients, and therefore untreated. 83% of doctors surveyed said vaginal laxity was underreported by their patients. Consequently, vaginal laxity can have a profound effect on a woman’s overall health and well-being.

You're Not Alone
of women experience urinary incontinence¹
of women suffering from urinary incontinence say their symptoms negatively impact their sexual function2
of female collegiate athletes who’ve never had children experience urinary incontinence3

1Psychosocial impact of urinary incontinence in women • 2Effect of Single-Treatment, Surface-Cooled Radiofrequency Therapy on Vaginal Laxity and Female Sexual Function: The VIVEVE I Randomized Controlled Trial. • 3Urinary incontinence in elite nulliparous athletes. Pub Med

What is the Viveve Treatment?

The Viveve treatment was specifically designed to help the millions of women who would otherwise silently accept vaginal laxity and the associated conditions. Viveve works at a cellular level to rebuild and restore collagen within the vaginal tissue without surgery and without disrupting the surface tissue. During one 30-minute office visit, the Viveve treatment delivers patented, dual-mode deep heating and surface cooling to stimulate the body’s own natural regenerative processes.

In multiple studies, including the Viveve 1 study, a large, randomized, blinded and placebo-controlled trial, women who received the Viveve treatment showed statistically significant and sustained improvements in vaginal tightness, sensation, and satisfaction at 12 months. The Viveve 1 study also showed statistically significant improvement in arousal, lubrication, and orgasm.

How Viveve Works?

Vaginal laxity involves the full thickness of soft tissue and requires a treatment that reaches the deeper layers of tissue. Only the Viveve treatment uses tiny pulses of radiofrequency energy to gently heat the deeper layers of the vaginal tissue whilst simultaneously cooling and protecting the delicate surface.

This unique approach ensures women’s experience is comfortable, quick, and typically only one in-office session. Because the surfaces of the vaginal walls are not injured, and only the area just inside the vaginal opening is treated, women can return to normal activities immediately.

Over the next 3 months, the body responds by gradually developing healthy, new collagen so the vaginal tissue is revitalized and sexual sensation and urinary control are improved.

A Quick, Comfortable Treatment

The Viveve treatment is a respectful, comfortable, 30-minute, single-session, in-office treatment that does not require local or topical numbing medication. At the beginning of the procedure, the practitioner inserts a treatment tip (the size of a thumb) just inside the vaginal opening. This tip is circumferentially rotated around the opening of the vagina delivering just the right delivery of alternating pulses of heating and cooling.

The vaginal tissue reacts to the heat by replenishing new youthful, cushioning collagen within the tissue. Everyone’s baseline level of laxity and natural response mechanisms vary but results typically peak at about 90 days and are still evident at 12

Why Viveve?

  • Only Viveve uses deep heating and surfacing cooling radiofrequency technology specifically designed for the vaginal tissue.
  • Viveve is a comfortable, single-session solution for vaginal laxity with lasting results.
  • Viveve is not about cosmetic appearance; it is about what a woman FEELS.

With Viveve, during intimacy, a woman can experience a snugger fit and more sexual sensation and satisfaction. There is
definite anecdotal and increasing scientific evidence that a gratifying sex-life correlates to overall health and vitality. Now, with
Viveve, women have a straightforward way to enhance their well-being.

Sexual Function

Arousal, Orgasm
Satisfaction, Pain,

Self Esteem

Loss of feminity/sensuality
Relationship with partner
Feeling unattractive

Pelvic Organ Support

Organ Prolapse
Overactive Bladder

Vaginal Symptoms

Tampon slipping
Air passing
Decreased Sensation
Urinary Leakage

From a Male’s Perspective

Husband of a Viveve treatment patient

My wife and I are in our early 40s, married 14 years and have 4 children. I never thought of our intimacy as being problematic. We had just grown comfortable with each other, with each other’s bodies. When she first heard about the Viveve Procedure, she mentioned it to me in a quiet conversation. I hadn’t realized that she was self-conscious about what 4 vaginal births had done to her body. She felt like things weren’t as tight “down there.” I had not known this, but she also told me that she leaked a little during exercise, something she couldn’t control. She told me that’s why she only wears black exercise pants! After some research and a consultation, we decided to try it! She had the procedure done – only 45 minutes walk-in to walk-out. She had no discomfort and left the clinic with a girlish smile on her face!

We are now a month-and-a-half out from the treatment. WOW! Starting about days 4-5 after treatment, both of us noticed a dramatic increase in moisture and lubrication. This caused us to almost giggle because it made the intimacy so much more enjoyable. It caused us both to have increased desire. She told me that she couldn’t remember when it felt this good! We started seeking out more opportunities for intimacy, something we hadn’t done in years! She has also noticed a dramatic increase in her urinary control during strenuous exercise. That made her ecstatic! I am noticing a tightening feeling and we haven’t even reached the point of maximal effect (practitioner said 90 days)!

All this to say we are more than pleased with our investment. We have reconnected in our marriage and found more pleasure in something we didn’t know could get any better!

Success in Multiple Stages

Treat with Cold & Hot

  • Cool with cryogen to protected mucosal surface
  • Radiofrequency volumetrically heats tissue to lamina propria

Stimulate Initial Cellular Responses

  • Heatshock protein response to “fix” denatured collagen
  • Stimulate fibroblasts

Stimulate long-Term Cellular

  • New collagen deposition in 30-90 days


  • The only single treatment solution
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Long-term results (12 months!)
  • Clinically proven
  • Discreet

This Service is only preformed
at our Greenville, SC Location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I consider Viveve?

If you are experiencing the following, you may want to talk to a healthcare professional about Viveve:

  • Do tampons feel like they are slipping out?
  • Does your vagina feel loose during intimacy?
  • Have you noticed a decrease in physical sensation during intimacy?
  • Is the fit with your partner not as snug as in the past?
  • Do you sometimes feel air flowing from your vagina?

What is vaginal laxity?

Just like skin, vaginal tissue is made up of collagen fibers. Over time or with trauma the collagen can lose its strength and shape, creating a feeling of looseness (laxity), especially around the vaginal opening. Common causes of vaginal laxity include childbirth, other physical stress on the tissue, aging, genetic predisposition and lifestyle.

If you experience vaginal laxity, you may also notice a decreased feeling of sensation and satisfaction during intercourse.

How common is vaginal laxity?

Vaginal laxity is an extremely common medical condition. A Viveve-sponsored survey of U.S. OB/GYN physicians revealed that vaginal laxity is the number one physical change that they see or their patients report following vaginal delivery; more common than weight gain, incontinence, or stretch marks. In a survey of more than four hundred women in the U.S. who had vaginal deliveries, nearly half reported some level of concern with vaginal laxity.

What do I do if I have vaginal laxity?

There are multiple ways women can address vaginal laxity:

  • Kegel exercises may be the most commonly known and prescribed treatment because they can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. However, while Kegels may improve muscle tone, they do not address the loss of elasticity in the soft tissue that rests upon the muscle and contributes to vaginal laxity.
  • Surgical options may be effective but also may entail significant health risks, recovery time, post-procedure pain and out-of-pocket costs.
  • Viveve works at the cellular level to rebuild and restore collagen, without harming the vaginal opening. Currently, Viveve is specifically designed for vaginal laxity and sexual function and has been shown to be safe and effective in a large, randomized, blinded and placebo-controlled clinical trial.

Impact of Vaginal Laxity


    Viveve™ is a clinically proven, single session treatment that safely and comfortably renews vaginal tissue and responsiveness.

  • R E A L I S S U E

    Vaginal tissue, just like the skin, changes over time. When collagen support fibers lose strength, a feeling of looseness called laxity, especially around the vaginal opening, occurs. Vaginal laxity is an extremely common medical condition caused by aging, childbirth, genetic pre-disposition and lifestyle. Millions of women suffer silently with vaginal laxity and the resulting loss of sexual sensation and satisfaction.

  • R E A L S C I E N C E

    To generate healthy, new collagen, enough heat needs to be delivered into the tissue without harming the delicate surface. Viveve was developed and studied specifically for treating delicate vaginal tissue. Only Viveve uses patented deep-heating energy and surface cooling to safely stimulate your body’s natural collagen formation process.


    Viveve is a gentle, comfortable, 30-minute treatment performed in your doctor’s office. During the visit, a small treatment tip, about the size of your thumb, is inserted just inside the vaginal opening. The tip is rotated as it alternately cools the surface and heats the soft tissue beneath.  Over the next few months, your body responds to the treatment by generating just the right amount of natural resilient collagen and elastin in the vaginal opening. Women feel the results at about 30 days and the full effect at about 90 days.


    Women who have had the Viveve treatment agree it works! In fact, clinical trials show 90% of the women treated reported statistically significant tightening, sensation, and satisfaction at 12 months.*